We know that equipment can make things easy or really tiring. Our list of tools are here to help you to concentrate on the task at hand. To name a few: Profoto, Canon, Apple, Arri, Mole-Richardson, Matthews, Manfrotto, Colorama, and Mohr models. Even that it is pretty hefty list please have it in mind if you don’t find a thing or two our subrental network is as strong as it can be.

Profoto flashes and accessories

Profoto Pro-10 2400 Generator         20,000 FtPer day
Profoto ProHead         12,000 FtPer day
Profoto D2 1000         13,000 FtPer day
Profoto Air Remote TTL – Per day
Profoto Head to Pack Extension Cable           2,000 FtPer day

Profoto light Modifiers

Profoto Softbox RFI 2’x3′           3,500 FtPer day
Profoto Softbox RFI 1’x6′           3,500 FtPer day
Profoto Softbox RFI 3′ Octa           3,500 FtPer day
Profoto Softbox RFI 5′ Octa           3,500 FtPer day
Profoto Umbrella Deep Silver L           3,500 FtPer day
Profoto Magnum Reflector 50°           3,500 FtPer day
Profoto Zoom Reflector           1,000 FtPer day

3rd Party Light Modifiers

Softbox Octa 200           3,000 FtPer day
Softbox Octa 110           3,000 FtPer day
Softbox 60×90           3,000 FtPer day
Softbox Strip 30×180           3,000 FtPer day
Umbrella White 140           1,500 FtPer day
Beauty Dish White 72 + Honeycomb           3,000 FtPer day
Barn Door + Honeycomb + Gels           1,500 FtPer day

*The prices on this page do not include VAT