If you want to have a bigger production or any occasion that requires extra space you can rent out the full studio. Both parts you can make pitch black or light it up as you imagine.

We recommend the Full Wing where separation is needed. Studio 72 can be the perfect space for clients booth and beauty + costume while you shoot in Studio 90 or the other way around. Also, it works very well if several different sets should be built for your shooting.

To make things easy we created few packages so we can save some time for you but please feel free to browse our hefty equipment list so we can fulfill all your needs.

Basic Package Photo Package Advanced Photo Package
10.000 HUF/hour 12.000 HUF/hour 20.000 HUF/hour
Empty studio without equipment Including 3 pcs Mikrosat flashes with light shapers Including 3 pcs Profoto flashes with light shapers ¹

¹ Spice Studio Assistant is obligatory 2.500 HUF/hour
Before 8am, after 6pm and on weekends + 2.500 HUF/hour
The prices on this page do not include VAT.