The 90m² home of sunshine. With a south facing full glass window line and it’s loft style will make your shoot as bright as you can imagine it but don’t worry, in a few seconds we can cover all sunlight with a Hollywood standard flame proof black curtain so your light setup will not be disturbed by the rays of the sun. 

To make things easy we created few packages so we can save some time for you but please feel free to browse our hefty equipment list so we can fulfill all your needs.

Basic Package Photo Package Advanced Photo Package
7.000 HUF/hour 8.000 HUF/hour 12.900 HUF/hour
Empty studio without equipment Including 3 pcs Mikrosat flashes with light shapers Including 3 pcs Profoto flashes with light shapers ¹

¹ Spice Studio Assistant is obligatory 2.500 HUF/hour

Before 8am, after 6pm and on weekends + 2.500 HUF/hour
The prices on this page do not include VAT.